Michael Hershfield

We are Accrue Savings

June 22, 2022

Over the last year, from new hires, our launch, savers, and new merchants, we have experienced the excitement around the opportunity that Accrue has in the world. 

As a society, we have spent decades pushing short-term consumer credit, fueling economic behavior that has benefited but also challenged many Americans. 

Through Accrue’s current, upcoming and prospective merchant partners, we have begun to witness a powerful change in the category.  As the economy changes and people face new realities, there is a new sense that merchants understand that they owe their consumers more and need to stand for more: Consumers should be offered an option that allows them to get the things they love without incurring debt. 

Our data and research is clear: Americans are actively saving up for purchases. Now more than ever they deserve help to do it.  Consumers are craving an option that rewards them for saving up. 

We want to give Americans that option.  One that takes into account their financial position, and browsing intention. Today, after months of work with the fantastic team at Red Antler, we launch our new brand identity as a symbol of that mission. 

It is designed to help us energize millions of Americans by saving up for the things they love and earning the partnership of the world’s best brands. To do that, we needed to build a brand that is both trustworthy and accessible. 

It’s built around a serif wordmark to convey trust and credibility while also bringing a feeling of optimism to the idea of saving. Our primary colors, navy and maple, balance respect with warmth, to help foster a more positive, ongoing relationship between brands and consumers. 

Accrue is built around what consumers are already doing –  Consumers are saving, and we need to offer them something that speaks to their needs.  We are grateful to all of our retail partners and savers for believing in our mission and bringing us into their lives.

Our new brand identity is an important step forward. The time is now. Start saving.

Two personal notes:

  1. In 2011, I had the opportunity to partner with JB and Emily for Sailthru’s rebranding. Over a decade later, I feel tremendous gratitude to have the opportunity to work with Red Antler again. Their work is timeless, and their impact on NYC tech has been (and will continue to be) transformative. Beyond ecstatic to be part of their legacy.  Big thanks to Blake
  2. In 2000, during my first year at McGill,  I met a hilarious, kind, loyal and creative Ottawan who became one of my best friends. Mark has become one of the top advertising strategists in the US (stops at BBH, CP&B, JL). When I decided to start Accrue, I wanted to have many friends around the table supporting the mission - Mark has helped give Accrue its voice and personality and sharpened this new brand work.