Transform the way your customers send and receive gifts

Deliver a world-class social gifting experience with Group Gifting by Accrue Savings.
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Introducing Group Gift by Accrue Savings

A new way to organize and deliver gifts for anyone. Group Gifting delivers a simple and secure way for individuals to contribute toward cash-balance gifts and SKU-specific gifts, delivered with a luxurious digital experience.

Capture pre-holiday loyalty.
Then, multiply it.

Today, cash gifts are organized without you — on platforms like Venmo and Cash App. With Group Gifting by Accrue Savings, each contributor and recipient interacts directly with your brand to facilitate the entire gifting process.

Increase average order value and minimize returns by allowing the recipient to additional funds to get exactly what they want.

Perfect for: Holidays, weddings, birthdays, office gifting, and graduation gifts!

Wrapped in a bow seamless user experience

  • Friends & family can contribute any amount in seconds through and include personalized messages as a special touch.
  • Each deposit is FDIC-insured & earns instant rewards that reduce the gift's cost.
  • Contained entirely within your app and website experience — set up within minutes. No changes are required within your checkout flow.
  • Recipients can be surprised with a scheduled delivery of their pre-loaded Wallet, along with a note from everyone who chipped in. Their Wallet is used during checkout and can be reloaded for future purchases.