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Cut Costs, Elevate Engagement:
A Winning Payment

Allow your customers to create a dedicated Wallet for your brand, reduce your transaction costs, and deepen your customer relationships through saving insights.
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Reduce your transaction costs.

Small credit card transactions can be costly for your business due to interchange and fixed fees. Customers paying with a credit card for purchases under $10 are hurting your bottom line. But there's a solution. The Accrue Wallet allows your customers to pay using their preloaded balance, rewards, and other stored value. They check out with virtual/physical debit cards, Apple Pay, or ACH transfer — reducing or nearly eliminating transaction fees.

Create a centralized customer view of purchasing power.

Say goodbye to the hassle of managing gift cards and credits on your balance sheet. Accrue simplifies the process by moving them into brand-dedicated accounts owned by your customers. Their Wallet becomes a centralized hub for their purchasing power with your brand, allowing them to reload funds at any time.

Simple budgeting tools for your customers

Make it easier for your customers to dedicate funds to spending with you through tools like auto-reloads or rounding up the spare change from their everyday spending. Plus, families can choose to deposit into and spend from a joint Wallet.

Increase customer spend

Like a gift card, customers are more likely to spend funds that are already earmarked for a specific merchant. By having these funds set aside — they’ll spend them with you, not your competitors — making larger and more frequent purchases.

Increase engagement

Accrue partners with you to improve user acquisition rates and increase market share by offering flexible incentives for non-purchase behaviors, such as preloading funds.

Our saving and spending insights enable personalized marketing, helping you connect with your customers on a deeper level. And you’ll multiply your monthly brand impressions by embedding Wallet management actions within your app, website, and marketing channels.

Let’s open some wallets.

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