Alana Resnick

Make the Most of Your Homepage Banner

January 17, 2023

If you’ve read any of our other posts, you’ll know that a homepage banner is a key part of our onsite activation strategy with our partners. We understand that homepage space can be tight so messaging needs to clearly display the value of saving with Accrue.

We’ve compiled a set of best practices that will bring any Accrue banner to life:

1. We recommend using a creative that fits with your brand and has enough space to legibly message Accrue

2. The headline is the most important place to accurately promote Accrue AND the ideal place to put the offer we’re giving savers. We’ve seen the below copy examples perform well:

  • Some things are worth waiting saving up for
  • Plan ahead and get rewarded!
  • Save up and earn X% / $X

3. While some people might not read past the header, we’ve found it helpful to further explain the benefits of Accrue via a subheader.

  • Save up with Accrue Savings and earn X% / $X toward your purchase
  • Get rewarded when you save up with Accrue Savings

4. The CTA should clearly describe the next step interested shoppers should take.

  • Get started
  • Start saving up
  • Learn more

When you partner with Accrue, our design team will handle developing assets for all creative placements. We encourage you to get creative and iterate from there. Ahead of holidays, you can switch up the styling and messaging to directly reference saving ahead for presents - Valentine’s Day, Birthdays, Christmas, etc.

Leveraging Accrue in a homepage banner is a unique way to lock in shoppers ahead of purchase and bring in new leads. Check out an example from one of our live partners, Solstice Sunglasses.

Interested in partnering with Accrue Savings for your business? Get in touch with us