Say goodbye to slow, costly refunds

Use Accrue Refund to instantly boost your repurchase rate while alleviating customer frustration.

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Improve cashflow

While your customers decide what to purchase, you hold their cash and improve your balance sheet.

Reduce refund costs

Eliminate the need to process payments back to customers and avoid fees.

Increase reconversion

Encourage customers to buy again by offering instant refunds, keeping their spending within your brand.

Accrue costs 90% less than traditional refund processing

With Accrue Refund, customers can choose an instant refund option within your existing returns process. Refunds are directed to a co-branded digital wallet, where customers are rewarded for repurchasing immediately.

Returns that drive loyalty

Prevent customers churn with an exciting return program, that incentivizes customers who opt for direct-to-wallet instant refunds. Poor return experiences cause 40% of customers to consider switching brands.

Quick implementation

Increase loyalty and incentivize spending by rewarding customers for making deposits toward purchases. These rewards are earned incrementally each time a deposit is made and can only be redeemed when purchasing.

Let’s open some wallets

Launch in hours with our configurable low-code solution, or go live in a few days using our SDKs and APIs.

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