Byte Smile Consultants Leverage Accrue Savings to Connect with the Right Customers

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Accrue Savings
October 2023
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Based in Los Angeles, Byte partners with a nationwide network of licensed orthodontists and dentists who prescribe at-home aligner treatment plans that deliver fast, professional results for a fraction of the cost of traditional options. Byte is on a mission to help people achieve a healthy and confident smile that they are proud of and can actually afford.


Byte partnered with Accrue Savings in early 2023 as a way to offer its customers the ability to budget for their dream smile and to reward them for doing so—with a 10% discount off of their aligners purchase or down payments. 

With multiple payment options available for customers and a successful in-house credit program, Byte wanted to ensure it was leveraging Accrue in the most impactful way—connecting directly with customers who need flexibility and want to save up for their aligners or downpayment on their own schedule without credit, fees or debt.

Byte identified its phone sales team as the most effective channel for engaging with prospective customers who want and need to leverage Accrue to save up for their dream smile. In partnership with Accrue, Byte launched a monthly incentive program for its Sales Consultants to capture aged leads, engaging with customers who have a Byte treatment plan ready, but haven’t gone to check out in 30+ days.

Within just two months of Byte Sales Consultants presenting Accrue to the right customer group, 92 new customers created a Byte x Accrue Savings wallet, resulting in $6K in deposits and a cumulative savings goal of $80K—which will be incremental volume for Byte as soon as this customer group is ready to check out. 

Upon launching with Accrue, 11 Byte savers have completed their savings goal and made their purchase, resulting in $23K in extra volume for Byte in just a few months. 

“Partnering with Accrue has allowed us to connect with the customers who have an affinity for the Byte brand, but need or want help to budget and buy with us. These customers love getting rewarded for saving”

— Manny Rubianes, Director of Experience & Sales