Revolutionizing Travel Savings: Accrue Savings and CheapOair's Integral Partnership

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Accrue Savings
October 2023
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In a world where travel dreams often clash with financial realities, Americans are avidly saving for their next adventure. Recent research has unveiled that the travel category stands tall as the top savings priority for many, with a staggering 82% of Americans actively planning trips and diligently setting aside funds for their journeys. Two-thirds of these eager travelers embark on their saving journey at least four months in advance, showcasing the depth of anticipation and preparation involved.

However, despite the enthusiasm for exploration, the means by which Americans save for travel have often been non-streamlined and inefficient. A significant 40% leave extra money languishing in their checking or savings accounts, while 37% resort to stashing cash under the proverbial mattress. Such practices not only lack financial optimization but can also lead to unforeseen challenges.

Alarming statistics reveal that 1 in 5 travelers returns from their adventure burdened with debt, with a staggering 81% incurring more than $500 worth of debt from their travels. It's evident that there's a crucial need for a more sustainable and effective way to finance travel plans.

Accrue’s Solution

Recognizing this gap in the market, Accrue Savings has joined forces with CheapOair to revolutionize the way individuals and families finance their future journeys. This partnership aims to address the debt-related challenges associated with travel and provide a seamless solution for budget-conscious explorers.


Since its launch, the partnership has demonstrated clear results. A remarkable 90% of users who fund their wallets do so within the first 24 hours and on average make a $350 booking after saving up for 26 days. Customers are eager to take advantage of the 6% reward that CheapOair offers users who open a savings account.

Furthermore, a significant 95% of users who fund their wallets remain on the path to purchase, indicating a high level of commitment and follow-through among users leveraging this innovative savings tool.

Accrue's impact is not limited to user behavior; it extends to CheapOair's marketing efforts as well. Email campaigns featuring Accrue Savings witnessed a remarkable 2x increase in booking conversions, showcasing the power of this partnership in driving customer engagement and facilitating travel plans.

In the broader context of merchant partnerships with Accrue, the results are equally compelling. Retention lifecycle campaigns boast a 27% conversion rate, while purchases made with Accrue see a 20% higher average order value (AOV). The influence of in-app product messaging is undeniable, with 76% of users funding their wallets based on these messages, and 67% automating funding processes through in-app communication.

In a landscape where travel remains a priority even amidst spending cutbacks, the Accrue Savings and CheapOair partnership emerges as a beacon of financial responsibility and seamless travel planning. By offering a more sustainable way to pay for travel, this collaboration is reshaping the narrative around travel financing, making dreams of exploration more accessible and financially responsible for all.