Save up to earn 15% toward your Vincero purchase. No debt or fees.

Accrue helps you save up for what you want.
Brands help you pay for it.

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Vincero Collective has partnered with Accrue Savings to help you buy smarter

Set up an account to save for what you want. Along the way, you’ll get up to 15% in cash to help you pay.

Open an account to save for your purchase and Vincero Collective will kick in 15%

When it’s time to buy, you’ll owe nothing to anyone (except a pat on the back for yourself).


I love that I can put money aside with a savings plan while also earning rewards for my favorite brands.
- Sophia S. while saving up with Accrue

I didn’t want to take on debt to buy new furniture, so I loved that I was able to save up with Accrue. It was also really easy to set up a savings plan with my debit card.
- Taylor K. while saving up with Accrue



So, how does it work?


Create a target savings goal and deposit your first $1. One-time or recurring deposits allow you to save at a pace that works for you!


As you save, Vincero Collective will put in up to 15% toward your purchase. Friends and family can also chip in along the way!

Once you've saved enough, buy instantly using a virtual debit card with your savings and rewards pre-loaded onto it!
Got questions?Please refer to our FAQ page.
Start savingWhen it’s time to buy, you’ll owe nothing to anyone (except a pat on the back for yourself).

Encryption and two-factor authentication help keep your account safe
Your savings are stored free in an FDIC-insured account
Withdraw your funds anytime

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