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Bobby Caruso

Introducing Bezel as Accrue's Newest Merchant Partner

March 21, 2023

The timing is just right for us to announce Accrue's newest merchant partner: Bezel. We're thrilled to partner with Bezel, a technology marketplace founded in 2021 focused on buying and selling watches. Through this partnership, Bezel customers are now able to save up for their next luxury watch and earn $200 toward their purchase.

As always with Accrue, Savers can avoid debt or fees and save up at their own pace in an FDIC-insured account. They can make one-time or recurring contributions to reach their goal and even receive crowdfunded contributions from friends and family. The best part is that as a gift for saving up, Bezel will give you a gift in the form of a $200 contribution toward purchases over $2,000. 

Get started now!

About Bezel: Bezel is the first technology company dedicated to high end watches, building a 100% authenticated marketplace that delivers trust at scale. We are rethinking the entire watch buying experience from browsing & transacting to tracking the market. We’re a team of collectors, enthusiasts, and technologists disrupting the $20B secondary watch market.