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3 ways to acquire e-commerce customers without ads

June 16, 2022

Every e-commerce marketer has been there. You’re asked to put together a quarterly plan to acquire new customers. You and the team come up with a bunch of out-of-the-box creative ideas that everyone feels excited about! But because of pressure to measure ROI precisely, you default to putting more money into Facebook, Instagram and Google where direct attribution is easier to show.

Deep down, you know that this model is unsustainable in the long-term. Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn are getting more expensive everyday. In order to keep or make your business profitable, you need to lower CAC. The question is, how?

We’re excited to share a new solution for marketers that can drive exceptional top-funnel growth, expand your audience, and even help you build long-term relationships with your customers. Read below to learn how Accrue Savings is partnering with leading retailers like SmileDirectClub, Casper, and Allbirds to acquire customers without spending money on ads.

1. Capture shoppers who aren’t ready to buy at the top of the funnel

In a world driven by urgency and immediate gratification, it’s no wonder why marketers spend a lot of time focusing on lower-funnel performance. It’s important, however, not to ignore lower-intent shoppers at the top of the funnel.

Did you know that 68% of Americans are planning long-term by saving up for a big purchase?

Eterneva uses Accrue Savings on it's homepage.

Instead of losing savings-minded customers on your website who aren’t ready to buy, Accrue Savings allows you to incentivize their commitment to making a purchase from you in the future. Customers can create an account with Accrue directly from your website – often from the homepage or category page. They can then choose the item they want to save up for and earn cash rewards from your brand along the way, even inviting friends and family to contribute to their savings goals.

Rather than spend one-third of LTV or more on an ad, put those dollars directly in your customers’ pockets while they save up to buy one of your products. It’s more efficient for you, and often a better financial choice for your customers.

2. Reclaim lost revenue through targeted email or SMS campaigns

Did you know that 79% of abandoned-cart shoppers don’t make it to checkout? That’s tons of lost revenue from customers who have at once expressed interest in your brand. Digital remarketing ads can be effective, but consider a more cost-efficient win-back approach by targeting a segment of abandoned-cart shoppers in an email or SMS campaign. Accrue Savings partners have seen success by tailoring campaigns for out-of-stock items or seasonal purchases where the sales cycle may be longer than usual. Incentivize these audiences with a clear call-to-save if they’re not yet ready to buy, and highlight the cash rewards customers will earn by committing to a savings plan today.

Casper uses Accrue Savings in winback campaigns.

3. Make your products accessible to a wider income range

Lasting brands focus on the long-term. This starts with building genuine relationships with customers as early as possible.

According to a 2020 survey, 125 million Americans live paycheck to paycheck, including 70% of millennials. This financial reality is pushing Gen Z to prioritize saving for their futures more than older generations. Trends like this provide a timely opportunity for brands to diversify their payment options for customers who want to build healthier spending habits. Accrue Savings can help retailers stand out to consumers who are focused on saving up for big purchases instead of relying on forms of credit, as well as those who may not have the cash in the present to make a purchase but want to set a future goal for themselves.

More and more, mission-driven retailers are using Accrue Savings to reward their customers who spend wisely. They are building lifelong relationships with consumers who are grateful to make purchases without going into debt, paying late fees, or taking out more credit cards.

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