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The all-in-one view of your customers

The Accrue Product team is excited to introduce our Merchant Dashboard, the newest feature that empowers merchants with data to chart wallet growth, view savings progress, and predict revenue. This unique window in customer behavior allows retailers to gather zero-party data from users, and see further up the funnel than ever before. 

What to expect?  

Chart wallet growth

The merchant dashboard provides a holistic view of Accrue Savings campaigns. You can now easily review how your upper funnel is expanding, including a breakdown of how customers are engaging with their savings journeys through deposits, crowdfunding, and rewards. 

View savings progress

Now, merchants have an all-in-one perspective into how customers are progressing in their savings journey. Our partners can leverage this data to proactively communicate with customers so they can move from onboarding, to key savings milestones, to the final purchase.

Predict revenue

We’ve heard from our partners how important it is to have advanced revenue visibility for their businesses. By providing clarity on a revenue backlog attributable to Accrue Savings, merchants can now better understand when to expect revenue from their Accrue Savings customers.

There’s no better time to offer your customers opportunities to save up with Accrue. 

To learn more about how your business can get access to the Accrue Savings Merchant Dashboard, get in touch today!