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Announcing Our Partnership with Aurate New York

Millions of Americans are actively saving up jewelry, whether it’s engagement jewelry, an anniversary gift, or just another piece to add to their collection. These purchases might be one of the largest of the year, which is why we’re committed to partnering with brands who want to offer their customers a new, responsible way to buy. 

Starting today, you can now save up for jewelry purchases with Aurate New York - fine jewelry, born and raised in New York. Female-founded and designed to be worthy of the women who wear it, Aurate focuses on what matters: durable materials, transparent pricing, sustainable production, and tangible giving.

“When we think of sustainable jewelry, it’s more than how our pieces are made. It’s also how accessible they are to customers. That’s why we’re so thrilled to announce a partnership with Accrue Savings, where shoppers can save up and earn rewards toward their Aurate purchase. Accrue is pioneering a new type of sustainable shopping, and we’re excited to offer this payment option to our customers.” Sophie Kahn, co-founder of Aurate.

Customers can choose to save up for their Aurate fine jewelry, and earn cash rewards along the way to make that purchase easier. 

“We are ecstatic to partner with Aurate New York Signature. Sophie, Bouchra, and the entire Aurate team have shown immense partnership in helping to spread payment diversity to Americans. I am proud to partner with such an amazing brand that shares our values of sustainability and providing customer-forward payment options”. Michael Hershfield, CEO and founder of Accrue Savings.

Create a free Accrue Savings account in minutes and start saving up for the next quality piece in your jewelry collection!